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First quantity of an intermediate sequence in eastern Language guide for English audio system.

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Positive) lie, ikimasen. / Answer (casual) Un, itta. Uun, ikanakatta. Did you go? ) Yes, I did go. No, I didn't go. (formal) Ikimashita k a . / (formal) Ee, ikimashita. ) lie, ikimasen deshita. ) (51) [Explanation] The final particle ka is added to the end of a formal question. In a casual question, k a is omitted; instead, rising intonation is used to signal the question. Avoid using plain f o r m + ka, as in iku k a — i t sounds rude. Both un and e e mean yes. Ee(sometimes nai) is more polite than un.

Ee, g e n k i d e s u . ) lie, g e n k i ja arimasen. ) g e n k i ja nai d e s u . Past Question (casual) G e n k i d a t t a . / (formal) G e n k i deshita k a . / Answer (casual) Un, g e n k i datta. ) Uun, g e n k i ja nakatta. ) Ee, g e n k i deshita. ) g e n k i ja nakatta d e s u . (56) 3 ) Noun sentences (sentences ending in noun + d a ) Noun + da works in the same way as a na adjective in both the casual and the formal styles. [Examples] Non-past Question (casual) Y a m a d a - s a n .

C X. votce 9. ^ /ree so $ 2. lie 5. iSii^L wor/d V morning sweets 3. l * " ^ " chatr 6. J&*§ 8. 9 ^ /tfee 9. "cTd L 2. t ^> /and 3. umbrella a {ittfe salt tz t> "C t ta chi tsu te to 4. £ > O l > O hot 7. "C*3 trow (40) b/we 3. station sushi 1. ~C hand 10. above to buy 7. - £ 7 H » [Exercise *) X. 1 X. c£ 3 10. 3. v 4 . ^ ^ H * red 7. * 7 fco 5. "fj^V* near 6. tzfo^* 8. O < x . desk 9. " € " 3 subway, underground (train) Lfz to stand up expensive under [Exercise 5] & }C & te 0) na ni nu ne no 1.

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