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By A. Weron

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Die Phänomene in Medizin und Computational existence Sciences lassen sich in wachsendem Maße mit mathematischen Modellen beschreiben. In diesem Buch werden Mechanismen der Modellbildung beginnend von einfachen Ansätzen (z. B. exponentielles Wachstum) bis zu Elementen moderner Theorien, wie z. B. unterschiedliche Zeitskalen in der Michaelis-Menten-Theorie in der Enzymkinetik, vorgestellt.

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For a trained composer, the model of the written score can be very close to 30 4. What is Mathematics? the real music. For amateurs, the musical score may say very little, because the score is like a foreign language which is not understood. 12 Mathematics as the Language of Science Mathematics has been described as the language of science and technology including mechanics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and topics like fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and electromagnetics. The language of mathematics is used to deal with geometrical concepts like position and form and mechanical concepts like velocity, force and field.

There was also a quadrivium containing arithmetics, geometry, music and astronomy, all viewed as parts of mathematics following the tradition of the Pythagorean school. Arithmetics and geometry connected to thought and music and astronomy to experience and reflect distinctions between mathematics and the sciences still valid in our time. A further distinction was made between arithmetics and music being discrete (or digital ), while Geometry and Astronomy were thought of as continuous. We will return to this aspect below, which with modern aspects of digital computation gets new light.

Automated computation with computers is now opening new possibilities of simulation of real phenomena according to Natures own principle of massive repetition of simple operations, and the areas of applications are quickly growing in science, technology, medicine and economics. Mathematics is basic for both steps (i) formulating and (ii) solving equation. Mathematics is used as a language to formulate equations and as a set of tools to solve equations. Fame in science can be reached by formulating or solving equations.

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