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G. whether linear (one surface atom) or bridging adsorption occurs. Unlike in the case of metals, where different surfaces can be chosen by cutting the crystal SYSTEMS INVESTIGATED 29 appropriately, unfortunately there is a lack of spectroscopic data from adsorption on defined single crystal surfaces of oxides although the literature does contain high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (HREELS) vibrational data only for several oxides (ZnO, MgO, TiO2 [34a, 485 and references therein]).

Frequently, such a sealing is made by the use of different cements and glues with low vapor pressures, or alternatively by using O-rings and flanges. e. 8(b)) [42]. 8(a)) a sample has to be moved to the heating zone, which is far from the site of hermetic sealing. The necessity to move the sample is a disadvantage of such cells because of the possibility of irreproducible measurements. It should be noted that in order to measure the temperature of a sample with a thermocouple, direct contact of the latter with the sample and contact of the sample with a furnace are needed.

Supported heteropoly compound catalysts have several advantages, with the most important of which being their high mechanical strength and well-developed specific (surface) areas. 2 Spectra of oxide surfaces As has been noted earlier [30], the surface of a solid may be regarded as a major lattice defect which disrupts its periodic three-dimensional nature. Atoms located at the surface have a smaller number of neighbors (coordinatively unsaturated) in comparison with atoms within the crystal. Of necessity, the forces applied to the atom in the surface layer are also different for both covalent and purely ionic lattices.

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