Keynes’ General Theory: Reports of Three Decades by Robert Ed. Lekachman PDF

By Robert Ed. Lekachman

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Between 1907 and 1914, with no more than a handful of men and women in each year-there were nine men and three women in 19 I o-it had produced, among others, Walter Layton, Hugh Dalton, Frederick Lavington, Harold Wright, Hubert Henderson, Dennis Robertson, Gerald Shove, Claud Guillebaud, Lynda Grier-a level of talent which, despite the addition of an elephantine rump, the post-1914 years have never equaled. Keynes' first economic writing on any large scale, apart from his lectures, was the essay which won the Adam Smith Prize (after his election to a fellowship) in 1909, entitled The Method of Index Numbers.

Third, and in the event most important of all, the Commission brought him into the closest touch with a number of persons who were greatly to affect his subsequent life. The Chairman of the Commission was Austen Chamberlain; among its members were Sir Robert Chalmers (later Lord Chalmers), Permanent Secretary of the Treasury, Lord Cable, Lord Kilbracken, Lord Faber, all three leading figures in the contemporary world of commerce and finance, and the Secretary of the Commission was Basil Blackett of the Treasury, then and for many years a close and valuable friend.

As O. , of course, spotted) and far enough from W. D. 1 lThe o. B. is Oscar Browning. W. D. is Walter Dumford, Fellow and later Provost of King's. Brookie is A. E. Brooke, Fellow, later Provost and Ely Professor of Divinity, uncle of Rupert Brooke. David is the celebrated antiquarian bookseller who for many years kept a stall in Cambridge market-place. 24 . E. A. C. Robinson In the event Keynes was twelfth wrangler in a good, but not exceptional, year 0. E. Littlewood, now Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, was 6rst)-a satisfactory result, but a little disappointing to those who had formed high hopes of his mathematical abilities.

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