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By Nabeel Al Qirim

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In principle, quantum dots with specific properties can be precisely tailored for specific applications, making them enormously useful in a wide variety of technologies. Yet, fabrication of QDs for technology is very difficult, requiring control on length scales on the order of 1-100 nm. Because of advances in techniques for materials fabrication and microscopy, research on quantum dots has greatly intensified in the last several years, involving academic and industrial research groups around the world.

This method was recently generalized to strained semiconductor heterostructure systems 12 and to include the spin-orbit interaction. 13 To study an In^Gai-^As quantum dot embedded within a GaAs barrier, we typically use an LCBB basis 24 A. J. Williamson derived from a set of structures, s. This allows us to directly include the effects of strain on the basis functions. The structures used are (i) unstrained, bulk InAs at zero pressure, (ii) unstrained, bulk GaAs at zero pressure, (iii) bulk InAs subjected to the strain value in the center of the InAs dot, and (iv) bulk InAs subjected to the strain value at the tip of the InAs dot.

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Enabling Electronic Medicine at Kiwicare: The Case of Video Conferencing Adoption for Psychiatry in New Zealand by Nabeel Al Qirim

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