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By J. M. Ziman

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This can be a textbook of complex quantum conception for graduate scholars and examine staff which supplies a attached mathematical derivation of the real effects, focusing on the important rules with no burdening the exposition with complex aspect or pointless rigour, and explains, within the easiest attainable phrases, the symbols and ideas which regularly confront the lively study employee in good country, nuclear and high-energy physics, and in theoretical chemistry. Professor Ziman brings to his job the sympathetic tips of a lecturer who has now not forgotten the problems that he himself needed to surmount in getting to know his topic

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Ketterle, and C. Wieman, is a gaseous Bose-Einstein condensate, which must also be treated as a single 'large quantum' object, with a number of atoms usually ranging from a few thousands to tens of millions37, or more38. Even if these mesoscopic quantum objects are, for the moment, merely curiosities in research laboratories, the uninterrupted miniaturization of xxx Speakable and unspeakable in quantum mechanics microelectronics may soon oblige engineers to understand their circuits using the laws of quantum mechanics.

H. Devoret, 'Manipulating the quantum state of an electrical circuit', Science 296, 886 (2002) and references therein. C. Monroe, D. M. Meekhof, B. E. King, W. Itano and D. J. Wineland, 'Demonstration of a fundamental quantum logic gate', Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 4714 (1995). Ud. 50 Ref. 4. 51 Bell's preface of first edition of Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, see page viii. On the problem of hidden variables in quantum mechanics* 1 Introduction To know the quantum mechanical state of a system implies, in general, only statistical restrictions on the results of measurements.

Acta 36, 827 (1963). 4 A. M. Gleason, J. Math. & Mech. 6, 885 (1957). I am much indebted to professor Jauch for drawing my attention to this work. 5 N. Bohr, in Ref. 2. 6 D. Bohm, Phys. Rev. 85, 166, 180 (1952). 7 In particular the analysis of Bohm6 seems to lack clarity, or else accuracy. He fully emphasizes the role of the experimental arrangement. However, it seems to be implied (Ref. 6, p. 187) that the circumvention of the theorem requires the association of hidden variables with the apparatus as well as with the system observed.

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