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By Alexander Kuznetsov

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Expanding at the suggestion of the authors’ earlier e-book “Electroweak approaches in exterior Electromagnetic Fields,” this new booklet systematically describes the research equipment for the consequences of exterior energetic media, either robust electromagnetic fields and scorching dense plasma, in quantum methods. fixing the sunlight neutrino puzzle in a special test performed with assistance from the heavy-water detector on the Sudbery Neutrino Observatory, in addition to one other neutrino experiments, brings to the fore electroweak physics in an energetic exterior medium. it's successfully verified that tactics of neutrino interactions with lively media of astrophysical items could lead on, lower than a few actual stipulations, to such attention-grabbing results as neutrino-driven shockwave revival in a supernova explosion, a “cherry stone taking pictures” mechanism for pulsar natal kick, and a neutrino pulsar. it's also proven how bad estimates of particle dispersion in exterior lively media occasionally result in confusion. The ebook will attract graduate and post-graduate scholars of theoretical physics with a previous figuring out of Quantum box conception (QFT) and the normal version of Electroweak Interactions, in addition to to experts in QFT who need to know extra concerning the difficulties of quantum phenomena in scorching dense plasma and exterior electromagnetic fields.

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The contour can be also turned down to the negative imaginary axis; see Sect. 5 below. 3) X1 μ μ K (X ) = A (X ) + 1 μν F (X − X 2 )ν . 3) is arbitrary due to the relation ∂ μ K ν − ∂ ν K μ = 0. For more details on the noninvariant phase see below, Sect. 2. Similarly to Eq. 6) where the phase Φ(X 1 , X 2 ) is defined by the same Eqs. 4). It can be convenient to use the Fourier transforms of the translational invariant parts of the propagators: S(X ) = G μν (X ) = D(X ) = d4 q S(q) e−iq X , (2π)4 d4 q G μν (q) e−iq X , (2π)4 d4 q D(q) e−iq X .

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