Xia Li, Nancy Crane's Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic PDF

By Xia Li, Nancy Crane

ISBN-10: 1573870277

ISBN-13: 9781573870276

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BITNET/Get EJOURNL1 DIRECTRY [1995, June 8]. • Indicate the edition if the publication is not the first edition. Gaylord, H. (1989, June 2). Four fundamental options in building up multicharacter sets. In ISO [Online]. BITNET/Get ISO STANDRDS [1995, June 8]. Russell, B. (1995, May 16). Parisian fairground theatre. In PERFORM LOG9505 [Online]. EDU/Get PERFORM LOG9505 [1995, June 8]. Twain, M. (1993, May). The balloon ascension. In Tom Sawyer abroad [Online]. BITNET/Get TSA TEXT [1995, May 15].

Contemporary oracles. (Report from Greece). ). Available: Information Access/ Expanded Academic ASAP/A16878539 [1995, June 12]. Merlan, F. (1994). Narratives of survival in the post-colonial North. ). Available: Information Access/ Expanded Academic ASAP/A16998760 [1995, June 12]. , & Ganci, M. T. (1994). SPT: A new methodology for instruction. (Structured presentation technology). ). Available: Information Access/Computer Select/16232996 [1995, June 13]. • This is an example of multiple authors, all of whom should be listed.

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