Einfuhrung in die Elektrotechnik by Klaus Lunze PDF

By Klaus Lunze

ISBN-10: 3341005048

ISBN-13: 9783341005040

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To solve this problem, they found a single-layer graphene, which can be visible at a special thickness of approximately 300 nm of SiO2 on Si under white light illumination, and reasonably explained the phenomenon using interference effect [38]. This idea enlightens a route for detecting singleand multilayer graphene and other two-dimensional atomic crystals on top of various substrates. The simple visual method contributes a great deal of progress in graphene research. Exfoliation of graphite in solvents has also been developed to obtain single- or few-layered graphene films.

71% for the antisymmetric buckling modes. Postbuckling gives very small strain in the interconnect under twist. 38) give the maximum strains in the interconnect under twist and are useful for the design of twistable electronics. M. (1998) Spontaneous formation of ordered structures in thin films of metals supported on an elastomeric polymer. Nature, 393, 146–149. A. (2006) A stretchable form of single-crystal silicon for high-performance electronics on rubber substrates. Science, 311, 208–212. A.

44) γ   h , where g is a nondimensional function to be Therefore, we have l = g  ε ,  EL0  determined numerically by Eq. 44). 46) give a simple criterion to predict buckling patterns. When the critical strain in Eq. 46) is larger than that in Eq. 43), that is, γ ≤ 1, global buckling occurs, and there is no local buckling. When the 8Ehε c2 γ critical strain in Eq. 46) is smaller than that in Eq. 15 Comparison of the energy curves for the global, local, and no buckling modes. (Reprinted with permission from Ref.

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