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By Garg A., Onuchic J.N., Ambegaokar V.

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In switch-mode power electronics, increase in switching losses due to the diode reverse recovery can be significant, and diodes with ultrafast reverse recovery characteristics are needed to avoid these from becoming excessive. 4 Diode Switching Losses The reverse recovery current of the diode also increases the turn-on losses in the associated MOSFET of the power-pole. This is illustrated by an example below. 4a, Vin ¼ 40 V and the output current is Io ¼ 5 A. The switching frequency fs ¼ 200 kHz.

There are several cooling techniques, but for general-purpose applications converters are often designed for cooling by normal air convection, without the use of forced air or liquid. Semiconductor devices come in a variety of packages, which differ in cost, ruggedness, thermal conduction, and the radiation hardness if the application demands it. 10 ESL ESR Capacitor ESR and ESL. 11 Tc Ts (a) Ta (b) Thermal design: (a) semiconductor on a heat sink, (b) electrical analog. 12 Size of magnetic components and heat sink as a function of frequency.

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