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By Anahit S. Avetisyan

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The direction is in textbook shape and is meant for audio system and communicators of English who desire to study the trendy spoken kind of the japanese Armenian language. it's compatible for any English talking language scholars, grownup freshmen and Diaspora Armenians starting from the newbie to intermediate point. This path adopts a wholly new method of studying Armenian which has been built over decades via educating the Armenian language to quite a lot of scholars together with international diplomats, businessmen and Diaspora Armenians. The textbook makes use of the shape Armenian / Armenian transliteration / English translation in its constitution and as such is the one one in all its type. The direction is established into 28 classes each one with its personal subject or subject which teaches communique and knowing of wishes, details, ideas and emotions of way of life. each one lesson contains a mix of interpreting, writing and conversing actions and comprises factors for proper pronunciation of the Armenian alphabet in addition to exact grammar notes. This compilation of all elements of the jap Armenian language permits complete studying and permits a pupil of any point to make overall use of the textbook.

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6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1. questions orally and in written someone you know. Write a schedule of his/her daily 3pdui duidp puiGfi°uG t pn bpljpnid: Hima zhamp kanisn e ko yerk'rum? fl°p diudpG bu tuppGiuGnid uijuuibq: Vor zhamin es artnanum ayst'egh? fTp diudpG bu Giu[uiutiui2nid: Vor zhamin es nakhadg'ashum? duidp puiGpuh°G bu qGnid iu2fuuiuiuiGgh: Zhamp kanisin es gpnum ashkhat'anki? n p duidpG bu Ciui^md: Vor zhamin es dg'ashum? duidp puiGhup°G bu uljunid ui2fuuuniuGprv Zhamp kanisin es spk'psum ashkhat'ankpd?

HduiGntGp t. d: Inch es anum Hayast'anum? = bl{b[ b d n p i q b u qpnuui2P2hM 1 u i 2 f u u u n b i n L / u n i l n p b [ n L : Yek'el em vorp'es zpbosasphrdgik'/ ashkhat'elu / sovorelu. - f l p i n b q h ° g bu bljbL: Vort'eghits es yek'el? = b u bljbL b d U d b p h l j u j j h g / MuiGuiqiujfig: Yes yek'el e m Amerik'ayits / Kanadayits. - f T p G u i h u i D q h g , n"p p u i q u i p | i g bu b l j b [ : Vor nahangits, vor kaghakits es yek'el? = bubl{b[bd GuJhujQqh piuquipha: Yes yek'el em nahangi kaehakits.

Demonstrative pronouns functioning as nouns uiu, q u i , Qui (sa, da, na) S S S S S this, that, it Demonstrative pronouns are only used as nouns if the noun itself is not mentioned. They can be declined. They have plural forms, which can also be declined. The plural auxiliaries and plural nouns are used with plural demonstrative pronouns. In modem Armenian the pronoun q u i (da) is often used to mean it. Singular Plural uiu / sa - this (one) qui / da - that (one), it Giu / na - that one over there upiuGp / s p r a n k - these qpuiGp / dprank - those GpUiGp / nprank - those over there Examples T-ui [nLUUiGljujp t: Da lusanpk'are.

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