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The examine of dirt within the universe is an exhilarating sector in present astronomy. airborne dirt and dust shaped in the course of an past epoch can be assorted from that shaped at a later time, however the nature and composition of dirt isn't shortly understood in its entirety. the great learn provided during this booklet presents a miles wanted serious research of other varieties of airborne dirt and dust within the universe. the data derived from presolar grains from comets, meteorites and interplanetary airborne dirt and dust debris in addition to the proper laboratory reviews are mentioned. this could assist in our objective of figuring out the evolution of airborne dirt and dust with cosmic time.

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Several dedicated spacecrafts are operated on a regular basis by several space agencies and countries in the world for the study of aggregation of particles and their scattering properties The polarization studies have been carried out on various dust samples such as silicon carbide, boron carbide, basaltic glass and glass spheres with sizes ranging from 10 to about 200/xm. There is reasonable agreement between the measured and the computed values except at large phase angles. This could possibly be due to depolarization induced by multiple scattering.

7) Here (cos 6) is the weighted mean of the cosine of the sacttering angle 6 with the scattering intensity (6) as the weighting function. If the particles exhibit strong forward scattering, (cos0) = 1, whereas for isotropic scattering, (cos 6) = 0. However in a real situation, the particles are neither homogeneous in composition nor spherical in shape. For any shape of the particle, the method known as Discrete-Dipole Approximation (DDA) is generally used. In this method, the particle is composed of a large number of small sub units, each of which acts as a dipole oscillator.

The laboratory studies of silicates have emphasized on properties such as, physical, chemical, structural and optical properties and condensation etc. The effect of thermal annealing and exposure to UV radiation and high energy particles, which can modify the intrisic material properties are also studied. Several techniques are available for the study of the above properties. For qualitative and quantitative studies, Scanning Electron Microscope and the Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer can be used.

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