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By Linda A. lanz

This dissertation offers a reference grammar of the Malimiut Coastal dialect of Inupiaq (Eskimo-Aleut > Eskimo > Inuit), an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken in northwestern Alaska (ISO codes ESK, IPK). often referred to as Inupiatun, it's the language of the Inupiat humans. The dissertation enhances current documentation of Inupiaq, filling gaps in our present figuring out of Inupiaq. the knowledge provided in dissertation is the results of 5 years of study, fieldwork and research. the purpose is to give a contribution to entire documentation of the Inupiaq language, with specific specialize in morphosyntax. With nearly 2000 final audio system, more often than not above 50 years of age, Inupiaq is endangered. in the Inupiat group there's a powerful dedication to language documentation and revitalization, pushed by way of teams resembling the Alaska local Language heart and native institution districts. the present paintings goals to supply a entire description of the morphosyntax of the language to the Inupiat and educational groups. It makes use of the traditional Inupiaq writing approach (a changed Latin script) to make it available to the Inupiat neighborhood, in addition to to permit for less complicated comparability with current texts. Examples also are glossed in IPA for ease of use through linguists and different events. After supplying an creation to the language and reviewing past paintings, the dissertation describes Malimiut Inupiaq phonetics and phonology, nominal and verbal morphology, syntactic different types, wordhood, constituency, and syntax. a last bankruptcy is dedicated to discussing significant findings. those comprise a formerly undocumented phonological switch in development, the obvious shift of /.../ (Inupiaq 'r') to the yank English /.../ in more youthful audio system and historical past inexperienced persons. I argue that this has numerous interrelated reasons, together with age, Inupiaq literacy, declining Inupiaq utilization, and the impact of English. The dissertation additionally files case stacking in Inupiaq demonstrative adverbs and demonstrative pronouns, a phenomenon during which those phrases are marked with grammatical case two times. notwithstanding the method works otherwise for demonstrative adverbs and for demonstrative pronouns, either show this double case marking, that is formerly undocumented in Eskimo-Aleut. The lifestyles of case stacking on adverbs is a very interesting discovery, since it demanding situations presently accredited theories of case stacking that inspire case stacking through argument constitution. As adverbs aren't part of argument constitution, it indicates one other mechanism for a number of case stacking needs to be beneficial. even if japanese individuals of the Inuit dialect chain were even more generally documented, many parts of Inupiaq grammar stay undocumented. This dissertation is the 1st to debate a couple of morphosyntactic subject matters particularly for Inupiaq, together with argument prestige, clause-level and sentence-level constituency, different types of predication, wordhood (phonological vs. morphological vs. syntactic), and clause combining. What arises out of exploring lots of those subject matters is that there's a genuine have to separate morphology and syntax in Malimiut Inupiaq. It has usually been assumed that simply because Inuit languages have so greatly morphology — over four hundred derivational suffixes on my own — that morphology and syntax are one and a similar in those languages. although, clause combining and constituency — between different phenomena - display that in basic terms syntactic phenomena exist within the language.

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White, L. (2003). Second language acquisition and universal grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. part ii Relative clauses and wh-movement Relative clause attachment preferences of Turkish L2 speakers of English Shallow parsing in the L2? Nazik Dinçtopal-Deniz Boğaziçi University & The City University of New York Monolingual Turkish speakers, highly proficient Turkish speakers of English as a second language (L2), and native English speakers participated in online self-paced reading tasks and offline pen-and-paper questionnaires testing the processing of relative clause (RC) attachment ambiguities.

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However, such a preference effect disappears when the NP is inanimate. Although the mean difference for the inanimacy-forced condition between high and low attachment forced conditions does not reach significance,  Nazik Dinçtopal-Deniz it is observed in the figure that there is a trend for low attachment preference in the inanimacy-forced condition. In other words, their RTs for the high attachment forced sentences in the inanimacy-forced condition are higher compared to the RTs at low attachment forced sentences in the inanimacy-forced condition, which might suggest that they have a tendency to attach the RC low in the inanimacy-forced condition.

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