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With the aid of serious discourse research (CDA), this ebook techniques Turkish politics from an interdisciplinary point of view that allows you to deepen our figuring out of political strength and discourse. This research re-conceptualizes discursive options as hegemonic initiatives and 13 governmental speeches are analyzed as a result. It additionally offers readers with a theoretical dialogue at the nature of political discourse via references to deliberative, agonistic and demanding practical methods.

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This is why every consensual vision of politics should be opposed. The essence of politics is not a plurality of opinions but the prescription of a possibility of rupture in what exists (Badiou, 2005: 23–24). If this line of thinking was adapted to different kinds of political ideology, like Marxism, 39 40 Discursive Strategies and Political Hegemony liberalism or fascism that all share the common ground of suppressing real politics and replacing it by a complex of state and economy, there would be something which occupies the totality of the visible (Marchart, 2007).

The second group championed change and adjustment to policy preferences so that they could survive in the political system as a legitimate political actor and get the support of the wider population. 29 per cent share of the vote (Yavuz, 2003). There is also a third group which 21. In terms of the political ideology, policymaking and merger of different strands of the political spectrum, religiously conservative and economically liberal centre-right ANAVATAN (Motherland Party) can also be seen as the descendant of the AKP.

It regards quality, productivity, effectiveness and citizens’ satisfaction as the main criteria in public services. – It regards the realization of ethical values as a mixture of international norms with our cultural values, in every area of economic activity, as a precondition for continuous and sustainable growth. – It believes that Turkey’s relations with the European Union, the World Bank, the IMF and other international institutions must be maintained according to the requirements of the economy and the national interest.

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