Differential Geometry

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By J. J. Stoker

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This vintage paintings is now on hand in an unabridged paperback variation. Stoker makes this fertile department of arithmetic obtainable to the nonspecialist by means of 3 varied notations: vector algebra and calculus, tensor calculus, and the notation devised through Cartan, which employs invariant differential kinds as components in an algebra as a result of Grassman, mixed with an operation referred to as external differentiation. Assumed are a passing acquaintance with linear algebra and the elemental parts of study.

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The case of general vector fields X and Y now easily follows writing X = L Ii Xi and Y = LgiXi. 0 41 4. Exterior derivatives and curvature Actually, this theorem gives an important alternative description of the exterior derivative. It will be this description which will allow us to extend the notion of exterior derivative to conformally embedded manifolds (and which actually is the definition used on abstract manifolds). 42) Lemma. (Cogwheel) Afunction k in three variables which is symmetric in the first two variables and skew-symmetric in the last two is identically zero.

42) Lemma. (Cogwheel) Afunction k in three variables which is symmetric in the first two variables and skew-symmetric in the last two is identically zero. Proof Six swaps of variables are needed to prove k(x, y, z) = -k(x, y, z); three of them use the third variable (to give the minus sign): k(x,y,z) -k(x, z, y) = -k(z, x, y) = k(z, y, x)g key, z, x) = -key, x, z) = -k(x, y, z). o This lemma is sometimes called the Braid Lemma because the way the variables are interchanged reminds of a braid. The name Cogwheel Lemma has a more geometrical flavour; indeed the lemma tells us that three interlocking cogwheels on three orthogonal axes cannot tum: if the z wheel turns clockwise (seen from outside) the y wheel must tum counterclockwise (skew symmetry in y and z) and so must the x wheel (symmetry in x and y).

5) Definition. 6) Remark. Take a local parametrisation 1/1 of M. There is no harm in assuming 1/1 (0) = a. Let e1, ... , the basis with elements of the form (0, ... ,1, ... ,0). The curves with sufficiently small domain, are curves on M starting at a, and the vectors atYi(t) are linearly independent. Moreover they span TaM. 7) Remark. All functions in this chapter will be assumed to have values in some finite-dimensional real vector space A, and to be sufficiently smooth in their domain to perform all derivations wanted.

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