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By Carl Barnett Allendoerfer (ed.)

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We now assume that Mp -I is dense also. It suffices to convince ourselves that every function in Mp -I is the limit of a sequence of functions from Mp. Let w E M p _ l , wk(r,q,) = k:::':::(n+p)w(k:::':::lr,q,) for /3-s §p +nI2. It M 0 42 Chapter 2. remains to note that W-Wk E Mp and that Ilwk;Hp(Rn)II-,>O . 3 remains valid for /3-s = k +n12 too, we only need modify the definitions of the sequences {Vd,{Wk} (d. [44]). We denote by tions ~ jv(x)x'Ydx The 0 the set of functions from = 0, /y/ = 0,1, Co (Rn \ 0) satisfying the condi- ...

The representation for A obtained in §3 is the starting point for the study of the algebras of pseudodifferential operators with discontinuous symbols in the next Chapters. In §4 - §6 analogous problems for the map A:H:e (Ikl m, Ikl m -n) ~ H:e - Rea (Iklm,lklm -n) are considered. §1. The spaces H~(lkln) Let, initially, s be a nonnegative integer and {J E Ikl. We denote by Hp(lkln) the completion of the set C[) (Ikln \ 0) with respect to the norm (Ll) This norm is equivalent to the norm where, as before, r = 1x I.

2. f3 ~ s =1= k + n /2, k = 0, 1, . . f3:Hft(~n) ~Hf(~n) are continuous. 7) is an isomorphism. 7) 2, k = 0, 1, ... , each of §2. Fourier transform on the spaces Hfi(lJin) 41 2)Let /3-s = k +n12 and let Hfi,k(R n) (resp. Hf k(Rn)) be the subspaces of Hfi(R n) (resp. Hf(R n)) obtained by closure of the set of functions from Co (Rn \ 0) satisfying the conditions f v(r,q,)Ym,q(q,)dq, - 0, m ~k, m _ k(mod2). k(Rn) ~ H~k(Rn) is an isomorphism. Proof. 7). 1), ~(-A+inI2),·) = E(A) u(A+ini2,·). 2), we are led to the inequality IIF,B-su ;Hf(Rn)11 ~ cllu ;Hfi(Rn)ll.

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