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Maks A. Akivis, Vladislav V. Goldberg's Differential Geometry of Varieties with Degenerate Gauss PDF

By Maks A. Akivis, Vladislav V. Goldberg

ISBN-10: 0387404635

ISBN-13: 9780387404639

This e-book surveys the differential geometry of sorts with degenerate Gauss maps, utilizing relocating frames and external differential types in addition to tensor equipment. The authors illustrate the constitution of sorts with degenerate Gauss maps, make certain the singular issues and singular forms, locate focal photos and build a category of the forms with degenerate Gauss maps.

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115) becomes ∞ y= 1 1 1 a2 x2 + a3 x3 + . . = an xn . 2! 3! n! 117) 32 1. 113), and equate the coefficients in x. This gives a2 = 1. β! α aα aβ , α + β = n + 1. β! 109), we find that a3 = b3 , a4 = 3b4 . 117) takes the form y= 1 2 1 1 x + b3 x3 + b4 x4 + [5]. 117) coincide with the functions b2 = 1, b3 , and b4 . 3 The Osculating Conic to a Curve. In homogeneous coordinates, the equation of a conic in the plane P2 is a11 (x1 )2 + 2a12 x1 x2 + a22 (x2 )2 + 2a10 x1 x0 + 2a20 x2 x0 + a00 (x0 )2 = 0.

Foundational Material If we fix all secondary parameters except φ2 , in terms of the differential of which the secondary form 3π11 is expressed, we obtain 3π11 = δ log φ2 . 104) Here we used the fact that the differential of a function of one variable is always a total differential. 103) takes the form δ log b2 = δ log φ2 . It follows that b2 = E2 φ2 , where E2 = const. Because φ2 takes arbitrary values, we can take φ2 = 1 . 105) ω12 = ω01 . 106) − E12 , and as a result we could have b2 = −1 ω12 = −ω01 .

41) da−1 = −a−1 da · a−1 = −ωa−1 . 40), we arrive at the equation dω = −ω ∧ ω. 43) In coordinate form, this equation is written as dωji = −ωki ∧ ωjk , or, more often, as dωji = ωjk ∧ ωki . 44) are called the structure equations or the Maurer– Cartan equations of the general linear group GL(n). 5 The Frobenius Theorem. Suppose that a system of linearly independent 1-forms θa , a = p + 1, . . , n, is given on a manifold M n . At each point x of the manifold M n , this system determines a linear subspace ∆x of the space Tx (M n ) via the equations θa (ξ) = 0.

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