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Finally, ask yourself if the relationship between the independent and dependent variables is direct or indirect through a set of intervening variables. Examples of Hypotheses HIV/AIDS IEC program Condom use In HIV/AIDS operations research, the hypotheses of most importance usually are those that consider program activities as the independent variable. The HIV/AIDS program input, such as an IEC effort, a voluntary counseling and testing service, an STI prevention program, or a condom promotion program, is the independent variable.

Two educator/midwives will be responsible for the activities in the stationary service group, and the other two will be responsible for those in the mobile service group. Although the educator/midwives have already been trained in the substantive areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, a short orientation program on this OR study will be organized for them. This orientation will provide an opportunity to discuss the design of the project and to review the requirements and responsibilities of the educators and workplace distributors.

Although The Gambia does not have large industrial enterprises, several of them employ more than 34 100 workers, including breweries, hotels, the port authority, and commercial farm operations. The Rotary Club has already contacted a number of work sites to determine potential interest in participating in the study, and all enterprises contacted have expressed an interest. To ensure active and informed participation in the study, site visits and seminars will be organized by the Rotary Club for management and workers’ representatives before the study intervention begins.

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