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By Richard Rhodes

Right here, for the 1st time, in a super, panoramic portrait through the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, is the definitive, usually stunning tale of the politics and the technology in the back of the advance of the hydrogen bomb and the beginning of the chilly warfare. in keeping with mystery documents within the usa and the previous Soviet Union, this enormous paintings of historical past discloses how and why the USA determined to create the bomb that may dominate global politics for greater than 40 years.

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Turyshev has had a number of conversations with Griffin about Pioneer. Maybe that’s why, after years of studying Pioneer in their spare time, NASA researchers now have money for the project. And rightly so. From the start, the Pioneer investigators have been almost exemplary when dealing with things that don’t make sense. They won’t embrace the extraordinary until they rule out the ordinary. Turyshev is almost pathologically opposed to talking about the exotic physics ideas, even the tamer ones, like a modified version of Newton’s law.

And he is still kicking up a fuss—but now in the realm of dark matter. Moffat’s explanation for the flat rotation curves of galaxies is called, rather inelegantly but at least unpretentiously, MOG. Modified Gravity—that’s it. But according to Moffat, MOG’s slight adjustment to Newtonian gravity, making it a little stronger than normal at large distances, explains the Chandra observations. Maybe dark matter is there; maybe it is not. There are alternatives, and any neutral observer has to say the dark matter issue has not yet been resolved.

He eventually found them at NASA Ames, in Moffett Field, California: sixty filing cabinets’ worth of instrument readouts. They had been earmarked for imminent destruction. The administrators at Moffett Field needed the space the filing cabinets were taking up, and were about to dump them in a landfill. Outside, in the parking lot, the first dumpster was waiting to be filled. In a moment of passion, Turyshev told them the discs were too important to throw away; he would rent a truck and take them away himself.

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