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By Roland Littlewood; Rebecca Lynch; (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1785331787

ISBN-13: 9781785331787

The social anthropology of affliction and future health has regularly been enthusiastic about non secular cosmologies: how societies make feel of such matters as prediction and keep watch over of misfortune and destiny; the malevolence of others; the benevolence (or in a different way) of the magical international; neighborhood realizing and causes of the average and ultra-human worlds. This quantity offers differing categorizations and conflicts that ensue as humans search to make feel of anguish and their stories. Cosmologies, no matter if incorporating the divine or as in simple terms secular, lead us to interpret human motion and the human structure, its ills and its therapeutic and, specifically, methods which confirm and restrict our very chances.

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However, with a focus on confession and the forces of evil, their practices Notes for this chapter begin on page 62. 46 Ursula M. Read also echo those of the shrines, and tap into a longstanding discourse on the transformative potential of supernatural powers. This chapter draws on ethnographic research conducted with people with mental illness and their families living in and around Kintampo, a market town in the centre of Ghana. This involved repeated visits to people with mental illness and their families in household compounds, prayer camps and a nearby shrine famed for its treatment of the mad.

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