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By Donna Bowman

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This publication brings jointly procedure and postmodern theologians to mirror at the an important subject of strength, asking: What are a number of the connections among power and theology? How do principles approximately humanity and divinity interrelate with how we are living our lives?

Its participants tackle strength in at the least 3 special methods. First, by way of physics, the invention of darkish power in 1998 exposed a mysterious strength that appears to be like riding the inflation of the universe. the following cosmology converges with theological mirrored image concerning the nature and foundation of the universe.

Second, the social and ecological contexts of power use and the present strength drawback have theological implications insofar as they're stuck up with final human meanings and values.

Finally, in additional conventional theological phrases of divine non secular power, we will be able to ask how human conceptions of strength relate to divine strength when it comes to inventive energy

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21 In other words, energy comes in quanta—that is, in packets, or pulses—not in a linear and smooth stream. Existence is made of such events, by which Whitehead means every level of existence, of subject, not just of the quantum wave/ particles of physics. So it is in the event of this microcosm, this “actual entity,” that the shift to the notion of energy as a pulse of interactive actualization finds its home in philosophy. indb 20 9/16/11 9:38:28 AM The Energy We Are: A Meditation in Seven Pulsations 21 the saying of Heraclitus, ‘All things flow,’ into its own language.

25 So the invisible might overrun the visible; darkness might, in fact, overcome the light that shines in it. ”26 Another familiar theologeme: we cannot understand it, but we have to understand it. ”27 Energy and Unknowing When faced with the problem of knowing something that “won’t tell us what we want to know,” the Eastern Orthodox tradition has recourse to a term with which the Western tradition is largely unfamiliar: the energy of God. 28 The divine energies are said to be the Pseudo-Dionysiusian proödoi—the emanations of God— or as he often puts it, “the ray” issuing forth from the divine darkness.

But unlike ordinary halos, these do not shine. The “dark matter” composing them neither absorbs nor releases light, nor does it interact with electricity or magnetism. It is hoped that some particles of dark matter might eventually be generated by the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, but for the moment, scientists have never seen, felt, or heard dark matter, nor do they know what it is. And yet, to draw upon an old scholastic distinction, they know that it is. As for dark energy, it has proven even more recalcitrant.

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