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We see items in entrance folks, and adventure a true fabric influence after we strategy and contact them. hence, we finish that each one gadgets are embedded in area and exist objectively. besides the fact that, such reviews in way of life can't be transferred to the atomic point: inside of common quantum thought, the fabric international remains to be embedded in house, however it not has an goal life. How can gadgets be embedded in area with no present objectively?

This e-book addresses this and comparable matters in an illustrative and non-conventional means. utilizing updated info, the subsequent easy questions are meditated: what's a particle, a quantum item? What will we say in regards to the nature of time? How is fact, specifically the cosmos, shaped? what's the effect of evolution at the discovery of recent advancements during this box? just like the philosophers Whitehead and Bergson, the primacy of procedure is recommended: we event gadgets - either quantum gadgets and people we event in daily life - at yes positions in house, yet every little thing is an issue of technique and the lifestyles of static items in house is hence eliminated.

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A lot of scientists believe that the present theoretical structures of the physical laws represent the final and absolute truth. Self-indulgence is dominant! 1) appear to be unrealistic; they are in particular misleading and wrong when the principles of evolution are taken into account. In nature cognition does not play the important role but the differentiation between “favorable towards life” and “hostile towards life”. 10. 2: Can a human observer actually formulate the laws of nature independent of his own nature, that is, independent of his biological structure?

The situation is summarized in Fig. 1. What kind of reality could be involved when we base our descriptions on the equations of motion? Do the impressions that we have directly in front us actually reflect a certain kind of reality at all or is it “only” a symbolic picture of it? , it may not be “basic realty” (see the remarks above in connection with the equations of motion), but it is a certain kind of reality, namely that which is given by material objects, which are embedded in space and time.

From the point of view of theory of science the “absolute truth” can never be obtained. Why? Because a metric for the measurement of the “distance” between bodies of knowledge is not definable, there is no possibility to express certain peculiarities of the absolute truth and basic (absolute) reality, respectively. An absolute reality may exist within theory of science but it is not accessible to man. The results that follow from the theory of science strongly confirm the statements, which we have worked out in connection with the principles of evolution and the principle of usefulness, respectively.

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