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By Begotxu Olaizola Elordi;Alan R. King

ISBN-10: 0415121094

ISBN-13: 9780415121095

Colloquial Basque in particular written by way of an skilled instructor for self-study or type use, the direction will give you a step by step method of written and spoken Basque. No previous wisdom of the language is required.
What makes Colloquial Basque the best choice in own language learning?
* interactive - plenty of workouts for normal practice
* transparent - concise grammar notes
* sensible - invaluable vocabulary and pronunciation guide
* whole - together with solution key and designated reference section.

 Accompanying audio fabric is offered to buy individually on CD/MP3 layout, or comes incorporated within the nice price Colloquials Pack.

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Since foreign speakers of Basque are a novelty, they wilI also be bealthily curious about yuu. Pcrhaps they will even admire you and present you to their friends as a fine example. Basque speakers are proud of their heritage, and speaking the language has a strong symbolic value as well as a practical onc. Basque speakers (euskaldunak) tend to feel and express an allpervading friendliness and solidarity among themselves that is untranslatable, yet perfeetly accessible to those who leam thcir language (hizkuntza) and eustoms (ohiturak), and if you ean speak Basque (euskaraz hitzegin) you will be more than 'just a foreigner' in their eyes.

When paying before you Ieavc, you will be asked what pintxos have been eaten. 3 Iritsi zara! You've arrived! In this unit we will 100k at: Grammatieal nuts and bolts • basie verb forms Saying what you mean • 'have to' • negative sentences • 'ean't' • talking about 'us' • months and dates Doing things with words • telling people what to do Strategies for eommunication • giving directions • finding out who someone is • getting to speak to someone • making sure you understand Talking about ••. • directions • yourself Dialogue 1 m Outside the station in Zarautz Elill asks t/ze way to Naroa's school (to a man): Aizu, barkatu!

Slngcr rcportcr, joumalist doctor mcchanic nun politician dircctor Other express;olls: Zer egiten duzu? Non egiten duzu lan? Zein da zure lanbidea? ••• Ian egiten dut. Ez daukat lanik. Langabezian nago. fabrika batean bulego batean enpresa batean eskola batean unibertsitatean telebistan What do you do? Where do you work? What is your occupation? I work ... I haven't got a job. I am on the dole. in a factory in an office in a firm in a school in a university, at university in/on television Saying goodbye Notice that the barman says Gero arte to Elin and Xabicr, Iiterally 'See you later', although he doesn't really expect to.

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