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By JT Petty

ISBN-10: 1416914331

ISBN-13: 9781416914334

Just a baby so quick-witted as Clemency Pogue, upon discovering herself attacked by means of a depraved, invincible fairy, may consider a lesson discovered from the tale of Peter Pan. She shouts "I don't think in fairies," and whilst it does not paintings, retains shouting it till the terrible little creature drops as useless as a gossamer-winged doorknob. yet then a mischievous hobgoblin arrives to inform Clem that she's killed six different fairies around the world, a few undesirable, yet in most cases reliable. no matter if it was once a mistake, it is now Clem's accountability to set the realm aright.
In his hilarious, action-packed debut novel, JT Petty does for burlap pants what holes have performed for Swiss cheese.

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Earl Grey,” Chaphesmeeso explained, and stomped gracefully back into a drape of kudzu. Clemency followed, and they trekked through foliage so intensely green that Clem feared it would rub off on her. Chaphesmeeso’s thick green-to-orange skin almost seemed to disappear in the vegetation. The air was thick and slightly sweet, and in the distance, through the woods, clouds moved along the ground like the misplaced ghosts of rogue elephants. Through the wilderness they trudged and then through a sudden thinning to a huge, ordered garden of the same plants.

Clem asked. ” Chaphesmeeso’s finger pointed at a barely visible window that glowed fireplace orange in the dark blue daylight of falling snow. Clem saw it dimly through the fog of her breath. ” The girl and hobgoblin trudged through the snow, Clemency’s footsteps teardrop-shaped indentations behind her, Chaphesmeeso’s a steady trench behind his stubby legs. The cottage projected a feeling of intense miniature warmth, like a sleeping kitten. Smoke drifted in lazy puffs from the chimney and disappeared into the thick snow.

This is just how things work. Ideas, dogs, smells, behavior, songs, guys, machines, cheeses, rabbits, shoes, friends, enemies, days, dreams, fairies; of all of these things and others, there are good and bad. But rules cannot be viewed except by exceptions, and the exceptions are these: newborn mammals and bees. Newborn mammals are invariably good. Bees, however, are all bad. If you are a bee sympathizer and find yourself insulted by the above remark, you can petition for the refund of the cost of this book.

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