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Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy - download pdf or read online

By Jenny Nimmo

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Paltry He hadn't practiced over the vacation and found himself out of breath and out of tune. Mr. Paltry rapped his knuckles, shouting, "No, no, no! " His squeaky voice almost deafened Charlie, and when the bell rang, Charlie was so eager to escape that he almost fell over Olivia Vertigo as he raced for the garden door. Today her hair was striped black and gold, her face was covered in white powder, and her eyes were ringed with black. She looked more like an exotic raccoon than anything else, though Charlie refrained from saying so.

Good riddance," she grunted. When Grandma Bone went into the pantry Charlie grabbed Runner Bean's collar and dragged him upstairs. "I don't know what I'm going to do with you," sighed Charlie. "I've got to go to school on Monday and I won't be back till Friday I have to sleep there, you know" Runner Bean jumped onto Charlie's bed, wagging his tail. He'd spent many happy hours in Charlie's bedroom. Charlie decided to ask his uncle Paton for help. Slipping out of his room, he crept along the landing until he came to his uncle's door.

There was no reply Charlie cautiously opened the door and looked in. Paton wasn't there. It was unlike him to leave the house in the morning. Charlie went over to a big desk covered with books and scraps of paper. On the tallest pile of books there was an envelope with Charlie's name on it. Charlie withdrew a sheet of paper from the envelope and read his uncle's large scrawly handwriting. Charlie, dear boy, My sisters are up to no good. Heard them plotting in the early hours. Have decided to go and put a stop to things .

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