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Report that 60% of foil strain gages lasted 10–13 years in a fleet-wide aircraft SHM effort [77]. Joas used foil strain gages over a 20-year period for monitoring the stress in pipelines [78]. Alternate strain gage mounting approaches use prepackaged weldable and clamp-on mounts. Weldable strain gages are prepackaged units with metal-plate-mounted prebonded and hermetically sealed resistive strain gages. Tack welding the metal plate to the structure under test makes for a quick and reliable strain gage mount.

Proc IABMAS’04 Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management and Cost, Kyoto. Taylor & Francis, London. 33. Koh HM and Choo JF. 2004. Preparing for the future: National research programs for the next generation of bridge design and maintenance in Korea. Proc IABMAS’04 Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management and Cost, Kyoto. Taylor & Francis, London. 34. Lau CK, Mak WP, Wong KY, Chan WY, and Man KL. 1999. Structural health monitoring of three cable-supported bridges in Hong Kong. Proc 2nd Intl Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford.

21) Commonly used sensor materials include specialized alloys, such as Constantan and doped semiconductors [1,55]. Conductive piezoresistive polymers, such as poly 3,4ethylenedioxythiophene, may prove to be useful for strain gaging due to favorable properties that enable micron-scale (or smaller) patterning with microelectronic manufacturing techniques [56]. It is possible to fabricate materials out of carbon nanotubes with custom-resistive strain sensing capabilities [57,58]. Li et al. found that shape memory alloys (SMAs), such as nitinol, undergo large changes in resistivity that correspond to the large phase-change shape deformations characteristic of the materials [59–61].

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Century Electronics FC-2 Tube Tester - Tube List

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