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L21 --8 c t -8 w. smO(z, t). 28) 24 Lecture Three. L~1 . ( ~1 at + 8z at B(z, t) = eli sm B(z, t) . L~1 . 8xat B(x, t) = eli sm B(x, t) . 32) This equation may be rewritten more concisely B"x,t . 34) A complete solution of this equation, which is usually referred to as the sinGordon equation, is rather complex, and is the subject of up-to-date studies in mathematical physics. In a fairly general case the solution of a sin-Gordon equation may be represented as a set of isolated pulses propagating in the z-direction, their velocity dependent on the interpulse distances (the so-called soliton solutions).

Such an unphasing of dipole oscillations brings about the loss of coherence in the particle ensemble, thus terminating the process of coherent dipole radiation of the whole system in a time that is small against the longitudinal and the transverse relaxation times. However, the polarization decay is caused by the distribution of the eigenfrequencies of dipoles comprising an ensemble, not by the relaxation processes, and, hence, in principle it is reversible. So, the speculative time inversion at the moment 7 brings the system back into its initial coherent state at the moment 27.

Gives the sD-:called natural lifetime of the particle in the excited state. The process of spontaneous decay assumes specific features when the typical interparticle distance becomes less than the radiation wavelength (see Sect. 1 of "Appendix"). Lecture Five Susceptibility of a Two-Level System Solution of density matrix equations of motion in resonant approximation, stationary solution. Difference of populations. Dipole moment. Absorption. Susceptibility. Line width and homogeneous broadening.

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