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Catriona by R. L. Stevenson PDF

By R. L. Stevenson

ISBN-10: 1605124834

ISBN-13: 9781605124834

Catriona is a stirring story of affection, possibility, and political intrigue set amidst the stately grandeur of outdated Edinburgh. David Balfour is an orphaned younger gentleman who has lately controlled to assert his inheritance from a miserly (and murderous) uncle. Now he and his pals James Stewart and Alan Breck are implicated in a sensational killing, and David needs to struggle to transparent their names. within the technique he meets the gorgeous and bold Catriona MacGregor Drummond, and unearths that not anything will ever be an identical back. Interwoven with real-life humans and occasions, this sequel to the immensely renowned abducted was once thought of by means of Robert Louis Stevenson to be certainly one of his top works.

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Men who go about to entrap and to destroy you! Fy! this is no time to crouch. Look up! Do you not think I will be admiring you like a great hero of the good —and you a boy not much older than myself? And because you said a word too much in a friend's ear, that would die ere she betrayed you—to make such a matter! " "Catriona," said I, looking at her, hang-dog, "is this true of it? " she cried. "It is the world I am thinking of you, Mr. David Balfour. Let them hang you; I will never forget, I will grow old and still remember you.

I was thus left (in a sense) alone with perhaps the last person in the world I had expected. There was no doubt upon the terms of introduction; this could be no other than the forfeited Master of Lovat and chief of the great clan Fraser. I knew he had led his men in the Rebellion; I knew his father's head—my old lord's, that grey fox of the mountains—to have fallen on the block for that offence, the lands of the family to have been seized, and their nobility attainted. I could not conceive what he should be doing in Grant's house; I could not conceive that he had been called to the bar, had eaten all his principles, and was now currying favour with the Government even to the extent of acting Advocate-Depute in the Appin murder.

No! " I asked "I cannot say so much," he replied. "It was a favour so natural and so constantly rendered (till this nonesuch business) that the law has never looked to it. And now admire the hand of Providence! A stranger is in Fleming's printing house, spies a proof on the floor, picks it up, and carries it to me. Of all things, it was just this libel. —and here it is for anybody, the muckle secret out—all may see it now. " "Troth, I think you would enjoy it ill," said I. " It was now my turn.

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Catriona by R. L. Stevenson

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