Cartography: Thematic Map Design (6th Edition) - download pdf or read online

By Borden Dent, Jeff Torguson, Thomas Hodler

ISBN-10: 0072943823

ISBN-13: 9780072943825

This introductory textbook introduces scholars to the differing kinds of map projections, map layout, and map creation. Cartography is mostly for a sophomore or junior point direction for geography majors and lots of professors are commencing to introduce desktop cartography during the direction.

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The idea of a spherical Earth soon became adopted by most philosophers and mathematicians. Greek scholars turned their attention to measurement of the Earth. ). Living in Alexandria, Egypt, Eratosthenes calculated the equatorial circumference remarkably close to today’s measurement of 40,075 km (24,901 mi) (Campbell 2001). 2). In fact, the method is still used today. Eratosthenes noticed on the day of the summer solstice that the noon sun shone directly down a well at Syene, near present-day Aswan in southern Egypt.

Abstract symbols generally take the form of geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles. They are traditionally used to represent amounts that vary from place to place; they can represent anything and require sophistication of the map user. A detailed legend is required. By its very nature, the symbolization process is a generalizing activity shaped by the influence of scale. At smaller scales, it is virtually impossible to represent geographical features at true-to-scale likeness.

The receivers’ computer processor and software then calculate the location. 28 feet) using consumer-grade receivers. 39 inch) of accuracy. There are thousands of Earth coordinate systems available for cartographers, although the system of using latitude and longitude (also called the geographic grid, discussed in this section) is the most well known. GIS and mapping software allows for relatively easy conversion among these systems. ” Plane Coordinate Geometry Perhaps the best way to introduce the major coordinate systems is to examine plane coordinate geometry.

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