Boundary Behaviour of Conformal Maps - download pdf or read online

By Christian Pommerenke

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We examine the boundary behaviour of a conformal map of the unit disk onto an arbitrary easily attached aircraft area. A relevant target of the speculation is to procure a one-to-one correspondence among analytic houses of the functionality and geometrie houses of the area. within the classical functions of conformal mapping, the area is bounded by way of a piecewise delicate curve. in lots of fresh purposes notwithstanding, the area has a truly undesirable boundary. it may possibly have nowhere a tangent as is the case for Julia units. Then the conformal map has many unforeseen houses, for example just about all the boundary is mapped onto nearly not anything and vice versa. The booklet is intended for 2 teams of clients. (1) Graduate scholars and others who, at a number of degrees, are looking to find out about conformal mapping. such a lot sections comprise workouts to check the comprehend­ ing. they have a tendency to be really uncomplicated and just a couple of comprise new fabric. Pre­ standards are normal actual and complicated analyis together with the elemental proof approximately conformal mapping (e.g. AhI66a). (2) Non-experts who are looking to get an concept of a specific element of confor­ mal mapping with a purpose to locate whatever worthy for his or her paintings. so much chapters hence start with an outline that states a few key effects averting tech­ nicalities. The publication isn't really intended as an exhaustive survey of conformal mapping. a number of vital points needed to be passed over, e.g. numerical tools (see e.g.

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Hence g(r) = g(l)+o((l-r)"') as r -> 1-, and (17), (18) show that Img(l) = 7rQ. Thus (13) follows by exponentiation. (b) Now let Q = 1. We may assume that l' = 0 and ( = 1. The function (19) h(z) = i7r- 1(b+ - b-) log(z - 1) + 3b+ /2 - b- /2 satisfies Re h( eit ) -> b± as t -> O±. Since also Re f( eit ) -> b± by (12) and since If(e it )I- 1 = O(ltl) as t -> O±, we conclude from (12) that cp(t) == arg[(e it - l)(f(e it ) - h(e it ))]_ 7r 7r 7r 't = 4=2' ± 2' + o(lf(e' )1- ) = o(ltl). As in part (a), we deduce that, as r log[(r - l)(f(r) - h(r))] -> 1 1-, = ao + 0 ((1 - r) log _1_) 1-r from which (14) follows by (19).

0 We now deduee the important Caratheodory theorem (Car13a). 6. Let f map][)) conformally onto the bounded domain G. Then the following three conditions are equivalent: (i) f has a continuous injective extension to iDj (ii) ßG is a Jordan curvej (iii) ßG is locally connected and has no cut points. Proof. The implieations (i) :::} (ii) :::} (iii) are obvious. Assurne now (iii). 5, every point on ßG is attained only onee on 1I'. Sinee furthermore f(][))) = G is disjoint from f(lI') = ßG it follows that (i) holds.

L-lgl = l-lgl exp(zargg) is a non-analytic homeomorphism of G onto Co If z tends to fJG then Ig(z)1 ---t 1 and thus Ih(z)l---t +00. It follows that J = h(C)U{oo} is a Jordan curve and, by the Jordan curve theorem, there are exactly two components Ho and H I of iC \ J which satisfy fJHo = fJH1 = J. Then (3) 28 Chapter 2. Continuity and Prime Ends are disjoint domains with G n oG; Go U G l = h-l(C \ J) = G \ C. 13. Let G be simply connected and J a Jordan curve with G n J =I- 0. If Zo E G \ J then there are countably many crosscuts Ck C J of G such that (4) where Go is the component of G \ J containing domains with (5) C k = G n oG k c G n oGo Zo for and where G k are disjoint k ~ 1.

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