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Download PDF by Richard Stratford: Bombarded Britain: A Search for British Impact Structures

By Richard Stratford

ISBN-10: 1848161239

ISBN-13: 9781848161238

ISBN-10: 186094356X

ISBN-13: 9781860943560

A dialogue of the hunt for geological proof of meteorite influence buildings in Britain. The data of effect constructions point out that Britain must have Phanerozoic impression buildings as much as tens of kilometres in diameter. a relentless subject is the significance of atmospheric break-up of small asteroids and comets. those fragmenting our bodies produce anomalously shallow craters with low rims and imperative peaks; 3 British buildings of this sort are pointed out. research of fireball facts means that destructive fireball explosions happen over the British Isles on a time-scale of a long time. On a time-scale of millennia, even though, extra harm is completed through Atlantic effect tsunami.

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A 200-metre crater would not appear on small-scale maps; and it would be only 4 m m across on the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 series. This is a field where local knowledge and a study of old maps would be of great value. The second fact is that the sheer scarcity of natural lakes in the Midlands and Southern England means that almost any regularly shaped lake that is large enough to appear on a typical road atlas deserves attention. One such lake, in fact almost the only natural lake that I have found in an unglaciated part of England, is Dozmary Pool, on Bodmin Moor; this lake basin will be discussed in detail in a later chapter.

Likewise a few examples are known of double asteroids in near-Earth orbits, such as 4,179 Toutatis and perhaps 4769 Castalia. It is plausible that St. Magnus Bay and The Firth were formed by the impact of just such a binary asteroid. The work of Hills and Goda (1993) suggests that asteroids 400-600 metres in diameter would be required to form basins 11 to 14 km in diameter. There are no reports of shatter cones, high-pressure forms of silica (coesite and stishovite), or other evidence of shock metamorphism in either St.

The presence of these artificial excavations, together with the destruction of natural lakes and ponds, makes the identification of small meteorite craters very difficult. There are two facts that tend the other way, and that would make the identification of craters easier. The first is that meteorite craters with diameters <200 metres almost always occur in groups. Thus any isolated group or cluster of circular depressions in this range of diameters could be impact craters. Such craters, however, would be known only in their immediate neighbourhood.

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