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By Fritjof Capra

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The trailblazer of recent technology and a modern Thomas Merton discover the parallels among new paradigm considering in technological know-how and faith that jointly provide a remarkably suitable view of the universe.

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16 The next step in increased aperture followed the appointment of George Ellery Hale (1868–1938) as founding Director of the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1904. 5-metre blank for a 60-inch reflecting telescope. The design was to be an enlarged version of the Calver–Common design for the 91-cm reflector at the Lick Observatory. Before the 60-inch telescope was completed, however, he persuaded John D. 1838 – 1911), an elderly Los Angeles businessman with a passionate interest in astronomy, to fund an even bigger telescope, the 100-inch telescope, to be built on Mount Wilson.

The old boy beamed upon me. Rutherford elaborated and refined these techniques over the following years (Rutherford, 1907). The Kelvin–Helmholtz theory of the energy source of the Sun had remained unchallenged for almost 50 years, but now there was a major problem concerning the origin of its luminosity and that of the stars. The origin of the Sun’s energy remained a thorny issue for the pioneers of stellar structure over the next two decades. As late as 1932, when Chandrasekhar visited Copenhagen to work with Niels Bohr and his associates, Kameshwar C.

The many surveys undertaken by Pickering and his team and the details of the different classification schemes are described in detail by Hearnshaw, The Analysis of Starlight, Chapter 5. This catalogue was based on the work of Williamina Fleming and was entitled The Draper Memorial Catalogue of Stellar Spectra. In his paper of 1896, Pickering suggested a modified version of Balmer’s formula, which had only been discovered 11 years earlier. In this paper, his proposed formula was given by λ = 4650 m2 − 1032 −4 m2 Å.

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