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By Lorenzo J. Curtis

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Lorenzo Curtis deals a brand new conceptual method of atomic constitution that makes use of conceptual semiclassical types to introduce empirical systematizations of measured facts. those versions show the dynamical habit of a few of the interactions that explain the energies and lifetimes of complicated atoms. Curtis emphasizes the ancient foundation of the sector in addition to the connection to trendy primary conception. He additionally comprises many solved difficulties that offer connections with astrophysics, chemistry, condensed subject, and different similar fields.

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120) 0 ∞ Wi (ri ) = K e2 dr j=i ri σ j (r ) . 121) With this specification, each electron in the atom can then be described by a momentum pi (ri ) = K e2 [Z − Si (ri )] 2m E i − + Wi (ri ) − ri i 1 2 2 h¯ 2 . 123) A− but also in the expression for the position probability density σi (ri )dri = dr [ pi (ri )]−1 . 124 permit a self-consistent iteration to be set up for any atom in terms of its nuclear charge Z and the configurations {n i , i } of its orbital electrons. Since the eccentricity of each orbital is determined by its value for n i and i , its orbit and hence its charge distribution is completely specified by its semimajor axis (or equivalently, its energy E i , since both depend on n 2 ).

The right-hand rules are merely a mnemonic designed to determine the sign of the force. Since these hand rules are used twice in a two-step process, the handedness is arbitrary (“two rights don’t make a wrong, but neither do two lefts”). Adding another dimension to describe an interaction that proceeds within a plane can create confusion, and the right-handed algorithm can be replaced by a simple conceptual picture. If the positive test charge moves in the same direction as the electron drift, it will see the positive charge as the more severely contracted, and feel a net repulsion.

13 Relativistic formulation of angle-action integrals Using the relationships for energy and momentum from Special Relativity, the total energy for a velocity-independent potential V (r ) is given by E + mc2 = ( pc)2 + (mc2 )2 + V (r ). 130) Here V (r ) is assumed to be part of the fourth component of the momentum four-vector. 34 2 Semiclassical conceptual models s r 2 2 6 Fig. 4. Position probability densities for 1s 2s 2p core of the Fe15+ ion. The solid curve represents the SCSCF calculation and the dashed curve represents the Hartree–Fock calculation.

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