Assessing the Introduction of Electronic Banking in Egypt - download pdf or read online

By Sherif Kamel, Ahmed Hassan

ISBN-10: 0585433240

ISBN-13: 9780585433240

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Wolfgang E (2007) Examples for failures in power electronics systems. Paper presented at ECPE tutorial on reliability of power electronic systems, Nuremberg, Germany, April 2007 4. Yang S, Bryant AT, Mawby PA, Xiang D, Ran L, Tavner P (2011) An industry-based survey of reliability in power electronic converters. IEEE Trans Ind Appl 47(3):1441– 1451 5. Wolfgang E, Amigues L, Seliger N, Lugert G (2005) Building-in reliability into power electronics systems. In: The world of electronic packaging and system integration, 2005, pp 246–252 6.

The efficiency of the given 3L-NPC grid-side converter under different active power outputs is shown in Fig. 11, in which the conditions of the three extreme power factors in Fig. 10 are indicated. It is noted that the loss in the clamping circuits and filters are not taken into account. 3 Stress of Converter Imposed by Grid Codes Fig. 11 Efficiency of grid-side 3L-NPC converter under different reactive power boundaries in Fig. ) requirements for the reactive power under normal operation, and this should be taken into account when evaluating and designing the wind turbine system.

10 The multi-domain models used for stress generation in Fig. 9 are characterized, respectively. It can be seen that these models are not independent but closely related to each other by the parameters indicated in Fig. 10. The wind turbine and the generator models, which are used to translate the wind speeds into the electrical power flowing into the power converter, are listed in Sect. 1 for simplicity, while the loss and thermal models which are critical for the stress estimation in power semiconductor devices are detailed as follows: 40 3 Criteria and Tools for Evaluating Wind Power Converter A.

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