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By Zana Lane

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This e-book is a whole package deal for wisdom sharing on Antenna know-how. desk of Contents bankruptcy 1 - Dipole Antenna bankruptcy 2 - Horn Antenna bankruptcy three - Radio Telescope bankruptcy four - Parabolic Antenna bankruptcy five - Antenna (Radio) bankruptcy 6 - tv Antenna bankruptcy 7 - Radio Masts and Towers bankruptcy eight - Omnidirectional Antenna & Directional Antenna

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Aperture efficiency over 70% can be achieved. Design The operating principle of a parabolic antenna is that a point source of radio waves at the focal point in front of a parabolic reflector will be reflected into a collimated plane wave beam along the axis of the reflector. Conversely, an incoming plane wave parallel to the axis will be focused to a point at the focal point. A typical parabolic antenna consists of a parabolic reflector with a small feed antenna at its focus, pointed back toward the reflector.

As of 2009, the largest "dish" antenna in the world is the Arecibo Observatory's radio telescope, at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, which has a diameter of 1,000 ft. (305 m). 38 GHz. The dish is built into a valley in the landscape, so it is not steerable. To steer the beam to different points in the sky, the feed antenna is moved. For this reason, the dish actually has a spherical rather than a parabolic shape. A spherical reflector does not have a single focal "point", however, the Arecibo antenna is a three-reflector variety of Gregorian telescope, and uses its secondary and tertiary reflectors to focus the radio waves to a single point.

And stood 20 ft (6 m). tall. By rotating the antenna on a set of four Ford Model-T tires, the direction of the received interfering radio source (static) could be pinpointed. A small shed to the side of the antenna housed an analog pen-and-paper recording system. After recording signals from all directions for several months, Jansky eventually categorized them into three types of static: nearby thunderstorms, distant thunderstorms, and a faint steady hiss of unknown origin. Jansky finally determined that the "faint hiss" repeated on a cycle of 23 hours and 56 minutes.

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