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For the same frequency, the reactance of the stray capacitance will be very high. However, this reactance is applied in shunt with the signal and will also have no appreciable effect. 21S kQ) and may be neglected. The analysis of the amplifier in mid band is again performed with a small signal h-parameter equivalent circuit. 11. As C, is a series component it is shown as a short-circuit and C, is shown as an open-circuit. 11 Mid band equivalent circuit Note that with Cc treated as a short-circuit, V2 = V3.

In addition, such transformers are considerably more expensive than components required for the other forms of inter-stage coupling mentioned. For high frequency work , though , the transformer is a highly efficient and practical method of coupling. The use of transformers with tuned primary and secondary windings allows a narrow band of frequencies to be coupled, 24 Analogue Electronics for Higher Studies providing a means of rejecting signals at unwanted frequencies. The use of transformers for inter-stage coupling also allows the circuit designer to match the output impedance of one stage to the input of the next.

Pulse width This is measured at 50% amplitude. Rectangular waves may be manipulated by applying them to simple R-C circuits. This enables a range of wave shapes to be derived from a rectangular wave. 52 Analogue Electronics for Higher Studies For example, if a rectangular wave is integrated its rise and fall times will be extended, producing a 'smoothing' effect on the waveform. However, if a rectangular wave is differentiated then the resultant waveform will be that of a pulse, with very short rise and fall times.

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