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An Introduction To Quantum Physics by Anthony Philip French Edwin F.Taylor PDF

By Anthony Philip French Edwin F.Taylor

ISBN-10: 0393091066

ISBN-13: 9780393091069

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A very important clue was provided by the reciprocal of X It was found 9 15 1-5 J. J. that was a more if significant quantity than k itself. spectral lines were characterized by Balmer, Ann. Phys. 25, 80 (1885). Line spectra the discovery that 1/A in- / \g, I gram 1 foi Term Scandium dia- III doubly ion- ized scandium. 434 E 87,439 X 5 137,191 , = f * § 100,000 wave number of the X spec- tral line. 693 can be found using just nine term val- ro 200,000 ues. stead of X, then the values of 1/X for trum were equal to the wavelengths of other sums lines, many lines in a given spec- or differences of the reciprocal taken in pairs, from the same spec- many trum.

Ti In this composite photograph, the abscissa is toward the in right. The two strongest each spectrum were designated and K$, V wavelength, which increases Cr lines Mr Ka i Fe and the spectra were arranged Co so that these line wavelengths increase from bottom to top. J. Moseley, Phil. Mag. 26, Ca 1024 (1913). ] The basis of the theoretical analysis many-electron atom. We is a simple model of a begin with a central nuclear charge, and consider the kind of Bohr orbits that one would have for a single electron.

The at all, irrespective of the inten- threshold frequency v is charac- of the metal being used as the photoemitter. These results are difficult to explain classically. If pose electrons in the shaken by the electric then the maximum we sup- metal to be ejected as a result of being field in a classical electromagnetic wave, kinetic energy acquired by the photoelec- trons should be greater for greater incident light intensity contrary to the experimental result. According to Einstein's photon concept, however, the basic process is the absorption of a quantum of energy E = hv 19 1-6 Photons by an individual electron.

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