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Gauge conception is now well-known as the most progressive discoveries in physics because the improvement of quantum mechanics. This primer explains how and why gauge concept has dramatically replaced our view of the basic forces of nature. The textual content is designed for the non-specialist. a brand new, intuitive procedure is used to make the guidelines of gauge concept available to either scientists and scholars with just a heritage in quantum mechanics. Emphasis is put on the physics instead of the formalism.

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However, unlike the photon which is massless, the new quantum was assumed to have a large mass which would explain the short range of the nuclear force. The mass of Yukawa’s new quantum was introduced by replacing the familiar Coulomb potential with a new potential where R = ħ/Mc is the range of the potential and M is the mass of the new quantum. In order to have a range of less than one fermi, the mass of the quantum would have to be greater than 200 MeV, which is not too far from the known mass 140 MeV, of the π-meson.

3C. N. Yang and R. L. Mills, Phys. Rev. 96, 191 (1954). 4H. von Kluber, Vistas in Astronomy 3, 47 (1960). 5P. G. Bergmann, Introduction to the Theory of Relativity (Prentice-Hill, New York, 1946). aA strongly varying gravitational field gives rise to “titdal” forces which can produce some unusual effects. For example, see the science fiction story Neutron Star by L. Niven (Ballantyne, New York, 1968). bThe components of the 4-vector Aμ = (A0, A) and Aμ = (A0, A) with A0 = −A0. Vector components with upper and lower indices are related by xμ = gμv xv, where gμv is the metric tensor which appears in the definition of the invariant space-time interval ds2 = gμv dxμ dxv.

Thus it became apparent that the vector potential field is not only observable but also much more “fundamental” than the electric and magnetic fields. 7 Electromagnetism as a Gauge Theory Let us now summarize the status of gauge theory at the end of the old period. It is clear that the electromagnetic interaction of charged particles could be interpreted as a local gauge theory within the framework of quantum mechanics. In analogy with Weyl’s original theory, the phase of a particle’s wavefunction can be identified as a new physical degree of freedom which is dependent on the space-time position.

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