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By Zoltán Szilassy

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From the point of view of a Hungarian pupil who has spent a lot time within the usa, Zolt?n Szilassy seeks throughout the dramaturgical kaleidoscope of the yankee l960s to find what's everlasting in a few of the different history of the interval and to discover the whirlpool of concepts, lots of that are nondramatic in beginning or character. The booklet is split into components, “The Rebellious Drama” and “The Intermedia.” the 3 chapters partially 1 are “Edward Albee: First between Equals,” “Varieties of the Albee Genera­tion,” and “The Dramaturgical Kalei­doscope of the Sixties.” half 2 includes “Happenings and New functionality Theories,” “The local replacement Theater,” and “Conclusion, Outlook, and Reminiscences.” Surveying the yankee dramatic scene, Szilassy concludes: the eu observer should “hope that american citizens will maintain or fairly advance the type of theatrical equilibrium that duly made the sixties unforgettable either at domestic and abroad.”

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It took at least a Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? before speculation about indigenous American theatrical heritage could once again take shape. Besides these haunters from Europe, later to include also Jan Kott and Charles Marowitz, the haunted themselves contributed to the fruitful chaos in terminology. " Kirby did for happenings what Esslin did for the dramas loosely linked by the category of the "Theater of the Absurd": he gave them a coherent and profound analysis that resulted in a too-rigid set of categories and theories.

For example, Everything in the Garden (1969) was an adaptation of the Englishman Giles Cooper's play. There are not too many differences between the plays, but even the minor changes Albee has made deserve attention. The housewife in the English version collects the silver paper of cigarette packs for donation, whereas the American housewife hunts for gift coupons. There is a vast difference (one that critics usually dislike) in that Jack, the cynical millionaire in both plays, makes a comeback in Albee's play even after his death and, in fact, is given the role of an absurdist narrator.

Critical and theoretical works by leading novelists, poets, and dramatists will have a home in Crosscurrents/Modern Critiques/Third Series, as will sampler-introductions to the best in new Americanist criticism written abroad. The excitement of contemporary studies is that all of its critical practitioners and most of their subjects are alive and working at the same time. One work influences another, bringing to the field a spirit of competition and cooperation that reaches an intensity rarely found in other disciplines.

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