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Advances in Chemical Physics, by Stuart A. Rice PDF

By Stuart A. Rice

ISBN-10: 0471682349

ISBN-13: 9780471682349

This sequence offers the chemical physics box with a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances in each zone of the self-discipline. This stand-alone specific subject matters quantity reviews contemporary advances in electron-transfer study with major, up to date chapters by means of the world over famous researchers.

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Ferna´ndez-Alonso, B. D. Bean, J. D. Ayers, A. E. Pomerantz, R. N. Zare, and E. Wrede, Nature (London) 416, 67 (2002). the influence of the geometric phase on reaction dynamics 41 35. A. E. Pomerantz, F. Ausfelder, R. N. Zare, S. C. Althorpe, F. J. Aoiz, L. Ba~nares, and J. F. Castillo, J. Chem. Phys. 120, 3244 (2004). 36. F. Ausfelder, A. E. Pomerantz, R. N. Zare, S. C. Althorpe, F. J. Aoiz, L. Ba~nares, and J. F. Castillo, J. Chem. Phys. 120, 3255 (2004). 37. S. A. Harich, D. Dai, C. C. Wang, X.

3 eV, the alternation is broken by ÁPn0 n ð2; EÞ ¼ 0. We can explain the approximate alternation of ÁPn0 n ðJ; EÞ ¼ 0 by substituting Eq. (19) into Eq. (35), to obtain ÁPn0 h i ½1ÀTSŠ 2 à ½2ÀTSŠ ðJ; EÞ ¼ À2FðJÞ Re S ðJ; EÞ S ðJ; EÞ 0 0 n n n n n ð36Þ We then invert Eq. (15) by integrating over y, which yields the following expression for the S-matrix elements, ½lŠ Sn 0 n ðJ; EÞ ¼ ikvj FðJÞ ðp 0 ½lŠ fn0 J n ðy; EÞdk0 k ðp À yÞ sin y dy ð37Þ 25 the influence of the geometric phase on reaction dynamics Equations (36) and (37), together with the property dkJ0 0 ðp À yÞ ¼ ðÀ1ÞJ dkJ0 0 ðyÞ [63], show that if the scattering amplitudes satisfied ½1ÀTSŠ n ðy; EÞ fn0 ½2ÀTSŠ n ðp / fn0 À y; EÞ ð38Þ then the sign of ÁPn0 n ðJ; EÞ would follow ðÀ1ÞJ exactly.

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