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This booklet considers the semantic and syntactic nature of indexicals - linguistic expressions, as in I, you, this, that, the day before today, tomorrow, whose reference shifts from utterance to utterance.There is a long-standing controversy to whether the semantic reference aspect is already current as syntactic fabric or if it is brought post-syntactically through semantic principles of interpretation. Alessandra Giorgi resolves this controversy via an empirically grounded exploration of temporal indexicality, arguing that the speaker's temporal place is laid out in the syntactic constitution. She helps her research with theoretical and empirical arguments in keeping with facts from English, Italian, chinese language, and Romanian. Professor Giorgi addresses a few tough and longstanding matters within the research of temporal phenomena - together with the Italian imperfect indicative, the houses of the so-called future-in-the-past, and the homes of loose oblique Discourse - and exhibits that her framework can account elegantly for them all. conscientiously argued, succinct, and obviously written her e-book will allure broadly to semanticists in linguistics and philosophy from graduate point upwards and to linguists drawn to the syntax-semantics interface.

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Episode. , the bearer of the attitude. It can be thought of as an index that in the semantics is expanded to include all the variables necessary for the interpretation. According to this perspective, the closest second argument, e2 , is the event defined by F in the T-layer. Therefore, the result is the establishing of a relation between the embedded event and the superordinate one. 16 For further discussion, see also Higginbotham (2002). 26 The Speaker’s Projection The relation can be precede, follow, or overlap.

Gianni credeva che Maria ha telefonato Gianni believed that Maria has(ind) called This issue will be further discussed in Chapter 4. 47 For a brief discussion of the relation between the position in the C-layer I hypothesize here and Rizzi’s (1997, 2001, 2002) Force, see Chapter 3. 1 In indicative clauses As illustrated above, the indicative Complementizer can never be deleted and always enforces the DAR. Therefore, it can be concluded that it must always be realized. This being the case, it is self-evident that unlike the subjunctive case, it is not part of the morphology of the verb, but a distinct lexical item with an interpretive function.

On the contrary, locating the state explicitly on that day gives rise to ungrammaticality. In the next section I will provide a stepby-step derivation for such cases. 12 The following sentence is grammatical: i. John said that today, the 30th of May, Mary is happy According to this sentence, however, John must have uttered ‘Mary is happy’ on the same day. 4 A proposal on Sequence of Tense The hypothesis concerning DAR languages that I will argue for in this book is the following:13 (24) The eventuality embedded inside a complement clause must be evaluated twice.

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