Cecil Hargreaves's A Translator's Freedom: Modern English Bibles and Their PDF

By Cecil Hargreaves

ISBN-10: 1850754004

ISBN-13: 9781850754008

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کتاب های درخواستی در اسرع وقت ارسال می گردد.
حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه

برای حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه لطفاً صفحه اصلی مرورگر خود را روی "" تنظیم کنید تا روزی یکبار بازدید از این وبلاگ داشته باشید و در ارتقا رتبه وبلاگ در گوگل به ما کمک کنید.

روش دیگر حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه خرید شارژهای اعتباری از "فروشگاه شارژ کتابخانه آنلاین" است.

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They are outside the sufferings of mankind. they arc not whipped like other men. 11 Tush, say they. how should God perceive it: is there knowledge in the most High? And they say. How does God know? ls there knowledge in henven? 27 But it is good for me to hold me f~t by God, to put my trust in the Lord God: and to speak of all thy works in the gntcs of the cbughters of Sion. But my good is to be close to God, my refuge is in God, and to speak of what he has done. 4 5 Notes a. Levi's interpretations, reflecting a diversity of traditional interpretations, differ from Coverdale's at two points in vv.

Modern translations such as the NJB are less baldly literal in the translation of such key phrases. Although in the NJB version there is no major alteration of the original word order or sentence structure, each of the NJB verses contains more words than the AV. The attempt to get an idiomatic English translation of Paul's use of the Greek word aap; (AV 'flesh') is a major characteristic of the NJB translation here. To translate Paul's use of acip~ here, the NJB employs various phrases, according to context, such as 'human nature', 'natural inclinations' and 'disordered human nature'.

Faith is . £1toµivrov). But the REB cranslation is. 'faith ... convinces us of realities we do not sec'; this use of 'realities' is a very idiomatic rendering for modem timcs. 1 Radical translators have searched for better and more idiomatic modern English translations of many other major biblical and religious words. The word 'bless' ('Bless the Lord, 0 my soul. ·, Ps. 1 [AV]) is a case in point. Some have regarded this as a traditional, stereotyped, English translation word that is now outdated.

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