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K"&yÓy' µPXVKURRP V ¶ . µDQW V ¶ n. k"(-m' µVKRRW V  RI o. k-lÂ1 SDOP V ¶ p. &`b' µFOLII V ¶ µKHDUW V ¶ q. im' µQHFN V ¶ r. y1' s. k"1#`)m' µJXQ V ¶ t. k-s`¶b "song(s)" "bed(s)" "name(s)" "night(s)" µODGGHU V ¶ "mouth(s)" µIDUP V ¶ µEXG\RXQJ VKRRW V ¶ "tail(s)" "rope(s)" (iii) Gender 5/6 (body parts and assorted nouns) (25) a. /k"+0³·%Ü"+0³·' µDUP V ¶ b. k"(0Ñ' µQRVH V ¶ c. ¯Ó¯' µKLS V ¶ d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k-¦dÓd' µWRRWKWHHWK¶ µOHJ V ¶ µQDYHO V ¶ µFKHVW V ¶ µZLQJ V ¶ µEXWWRFN V ¶ µMDZ V ¶ k.

1. Derivation Derived nominals in Bafut may be classified into five types based on the type of derivational prefix and on the categorial status of the root involved. These classes of derived nouns are: deverbatives, agentive nouns, augmentatives, diminutives and negative nominals. 1. Deverbatives As the name suggests, deverbatives are nouns formed from verb stems. The derivation here involves prefixing an ordinary noun class prefix to the verb root and a corresponding modification of the tone pattern of the verb stem.

C. d. e. f. " (ii) Transitive verb roots a. %d`$)k&­­ N-cook beans "(the act/manner of) cooking beans"  b. +`$ N-build house   "(the act/manner of) building houses/house building" from  c. "  d. Ü-lÆ1 mk-l¯¶¯ "the act/manner of) tapping palm wine/palm wine tapping" from %Â1Ä$ ³WDSpalm ZLQH´ (iii) Personal nouns a. b. c. d. " ³VODXJKWHU´ The derived nominals presented in these examples in (8) pattern in two noun classes. The examples in (8) (i) and (ii) belong in class 9 while those in (iii) belong in class 1, the normal class for humans and names of different professions/trades.

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