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By Karin C. Ryding

ISBN-10: 0521777712

ISBN-13: 9780521777711

A Reference Grammar of contemporary usual Arabic is a finished guide at the constitution of Arabic. conserving technical terminology to a minimal, it offers an in depth but available review of contemporary usual Arabic within which the basic elements of its phonology, morphology and syntax will be without problems regarded up and understood. observed through huge carefully-chosen examples, it is going to end up useful as a realistic consultant for helping students' textbooks, lecture room paintings or self-study, and also will be an invaluable source for students and pros wishing to increase an figuring out of the most important beneficial properties of the language. Grammar notes are numbered for ease of reference, and a bit is integrated on how one can use an Arabic dictionary, in addition to worthy glossaries of Arabic and English linguistic phrases and an invaluable bibliography. truly based and systematically organised, this publication is determined to turn into the traditional consultant to the grammar of up to date Arabic.

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