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By NA NA, Luigino Bruni

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We needs to quick how one can reside good on the earth because it is this present day, together with the world of labor. we have to research a brand new vocabulary of economics and markets that's more desirable to appreciate the current global and that's more likely to supply us the instruments to behave, and maybe increase it in addition.

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0008 24 A Lexicon of Social Well-Being temptation to enclose themselves around those who are similar and expel those who are different in order to not be scattered abroad. Where there is no diversity, intermingling, and contamination, neither is there fertility: no children are born, communities become incestuous, and they soon disappear. The community without diversity soon turns into a form of fundamentalism, becoming an idol unto itself. The convivial and quarrelsome coexistence in our cities of the different generated the architecture, art, culture, and economy that, centuries later, continue to love, nourish, and save us.

2 Adriano Olivetti (1901–1960), son of Camillo, was an Italian industrialist, engineer, humanist, and politician who led the Olivetti business machines company from 1938 to 1960. He had a strong commitment to the quality of life of his employees and of the community at large (he founded a political movement and a publishing house around the issue of “community”), regarding the business enterprise as key for both economic and social growth. 0010 Critical Point There is a social and economic law which is as important as it is forgotten.

Cooperation is the good seed and envy the tares. Our society should cultivate the good wheat and avoid the weeds. 0015 Esteem Esteem is an increasingly scarce good in our society, and therefore all the more valuable. Although “demand” for esteem is on the rise, the “supply” is insufficient because we are all so busy looking for it that we lack the time and resources to supply it to those who also seek it, desire and even crave it. The need for esteem is much greater than our capacity to supply it, as the economist Geoffrey Brennan and the philosopher Philip Pettit remind us in their book The Economy of Esteem.

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