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WC Bajau has an applicative suffix (-an1) which promotes a variety of oblique argument types to undergoer status, and this suffix can co-occur with the actor voice prefix (N-). 2 WC Bajau and other languages of Borneo Given WC Bajau’s status as an Indonesian-type language, we might ask how it compares with other Bornean languages. As mentioned above, most of Sabah’s indigenous languages have been grouped with the Philippine type. Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that WC Bajau differs markedly from the Sabahan languages with regard to several morphosyntactic features.

These materials were never published. However, she made her work available to me for my study of the language. In Appendix B, I identify those texts in my corpus which were compiled by Edith. 4 WC Bajau literature and language development The WC Bajau language has a rich oral tradition. For example, some WC Bajau speakers are skilled at composing kalang, which may be similar in form to Malay quatrains (pantun). 2 above. In terms of a written language, people have been informally writing the WC Bajau for some time, such as to prepare scripts for radio broadcasts or to print lyrics for cassette tapes featuring Bajau popular music.

Chapter 12 describes clausal modifications, beginning with aspect. In WC Bajau, aspect is not explicitly marked on the verb but can be expressed through the aspectual particles ai and boi. The chapter continues with a brief treatment of negation, modals, various kinds of adverbs, and discourse particles (some of which occur as second-position clitics). Chapter 13 treats various categories of mood: ‘decontrolled’ mood (marked by te- on the verb), imperative mood (marked by -in/ -un), and interrogative mood.

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