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For the circum­ stantial analysis of Sp. terco 'stubborn', whose results are here made the corner­ stone of the basic categorization, turn to a paper as far removed in time as Vol. LXIV of the Publications of the Modern Language Association, 1949. As a whole, this 1975 piece carries on the discussion initiated, perhaps under a luckier star, INTRODUCTION 19 almost twenty years ago, in a key issue of the then flourishing journal Word, Vol. XVIII. (u) Probably no single paper in this miscellany is more programmatic as concerns the prevailing bifocal approach explicated and championed above, than the lengthy item "The interlocking of etymology and historical grammar", with the soberingly narrow subtitle: "Exemplified with the analysis of Spanish desleír" (1979).

A considerably more detailed analysis of the shift ue > e, long held to be enigmatic, was presented to the September 1978 convention ("Fachtagung"),held under the auspices of Vienna University, of the Indogermanische Gesellschaft and is to appear shortly in its transactions, under the title "Etymology as a challenge to INTRODUCTION 13 phonology: The case of Romance linguistics" (where it shares the platform with the cases of one heavily overlaid sound change, one falsely inferred sound change, and one change still indeterminate — a rather motley array).

A certain harmful inhibition or self-limitation was thus broken by this triad of bolder explorations. 8 FROM PARTICULAR TO GENERAL LINGUISTICS IV. As a result of the cicumstance that implications of highly specialized research for general diachronic linguistics had been a matter of occasional concern for me long before the "crisis" of the mid-'fifties, that particular storm, fortunately, by­ passed me well-nigh completely. I saw no need at all to abjure and condemn my earlier lines of curiosity; but, to keep close to the mainstream of events, I hence­ forth became distinctly more selective in targeting certain problems of reconstruc­ tion for an immediate attack.

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