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The hot fascination in Finnish folklore experiences with renowned proposal and the values and feelings encoded in oral culture all started with the realisation that the huge collections of the Finnish folklore documents nonetheless have a lot to supply the modern day researcher. those archive fabrics weren't simply amassed by means of students, but additionally via the normal rural population drawn to their very own traditions, by means of performers and their audiences.

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The game, a combination of chance and skill, could act as a metaphor for the actual operation of the banks as players in the real game of international finance. The ball that must be kept in play is the burden of debt, whether local or international, it is the only way the score of interest is accumulated. The customer who introduces the debt which energises the entire structure is the one who maintains it with further demands. Tommy, the pinball wizard, is helped to the 36 Henry's Paperweight table, 'becomes part of the machine', 'plays by sense of smell' 9 and amasses the highest score.

It promotes paranoia at all levels. It penetrates all levels of society piecemeal and is consumed piecemeal, it integrates the highest art with the lowest because all is processed- genred, equalised. It is neither good nor bad nor a condition of modern experience for it is the condition of modern experience. 3 Acid - Burning a Hole in the Present HELENA BLAKEMORE It has been said before, and will no doubt be said again: cultural phenomena (trends, styles, fashions) do not arise spontaneously. Rather, they are either reactions against or a further development of already or previously existing phenomena (even if these were only on the fringes of mass culture or 'underground').

Laplanche, J. -B. Pontalis, The Language of Psychoanalysis (London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psychoanalysis, 1985) pp. 455-61. , On Metapsychology-the Theory of Psychoanalysis (London: Pelican Freud Library, 1985) vol. 11, pp. 427-34. Grosz, E. A. 52-63. , Pinball Wizard ('Tommy', Polydor, 1974). , Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (London: Panther Group, 1972). 6 'A Thing of Beauty and a Source ofWonderment' 1 : Ornaments for the Home as Cultural Status Markers GWYNETH ROBERTS 'A rare and exclusive edition of Collectors' Pieces for you', shouts the headline.

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