2012 and the End of the World: The Western Roots of the Maya by Matthew Restall, Amara Solari PDF

By Matthew Restall, Amara Solari

ISBN-10: 144220611X

ISBN-13: 9781442206113

Did the Maya fairly expect that the realm might lead to December of 2012? If now not, how and why has 2012 millenarianism won such renowned allure? during this deeply a professional e-book, top historians of the Maya solution those questions in a succinct, readable, and available kind. Matthew Restall and Amara Solari introduce, clarify, and finally demystify the 2012 phenomenon. they start by means of in short interpreting the proof for the prediction of the world's result in historical Maya texts and photographs, interpreting accurately what Maya monks did and didn't prophesize. The authors then convincingly convey how 2012 millenarianism has roots a ways in time and position from Maya cultural traditions, yet in these of medieval and Early glossy Western Europe. Revelatory any myth-busting, whereas closing firmly grounded in old truth, this interesting publication can be crucial interpreting because the countdown to December 21, 2012, starts off.

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