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By Anne Rooney

ISBN-10: 1841934127

ISBN-13: 9781841934129

Obtained a thirst for wisdom of all issues nasty? Then this yuckopedia’s for you! A group of sketch characters publications you thru a ceremonial dinner of festering evidence so terrible they’re demanding to believe.
Featuring gross truths concerning the human physique, foodstuff, animals, historical past, technological know-how, or even international files in horribleness, it’s a true schooling in all issues rotten . . . input ye now not, these of a vulnerable structure . . .

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When you sneeze, up to a million tiny viruses are sprayed out of your nose and mouth. Just one of these can be enough to infect someone else. Babies are born without kneecaps – they develop at between two to six years of age. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 In Palestine, pregnant women who hoped for a son used to drink a potion made from the burned and powdered umbilical cord of a new-born baby boy. 35 Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung never brushed his teeth, giving as a reason that tigers never brushed their teeth either.

A smelly fart contains the same gas that makes rotten eggs stink – hydrogen sulphide. If you laid out the airways in your lungs in a long line they would stretch over 2,400 kilometres (1,500 miles). If too much wax builds up in your ears, a doctor can soften it and then scoop it out with a special spoon called a curette. Danish astronomer Tyco Brahe wore a metal nose because his own fell off after he suffered from the disease syphilis. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 Sometimes, if a person’s eye comes out of its socket in an accident and dangles on their cheek, they can push it back in with no lasting ill effects – don’t try it at home!

ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 In Madagascar, people make a stew from tomatoes and zebras. Horrible Food Facts P’tcha is an east European Jewish food made by stewing calves’ feet until they turn to jelly. Raake orret is eaten in Norway. Trout caught in a fresh water stream are stored in salted water with a little sugar and kept in a cool place, such as the garage, for months before eating. 48 1001 Horrible Facts Pruno is a ‘wine’ made by American prisoners from a mixture of fruit, sugar cubes, water and tomato ketchup left to fester in a bin bag for a week.

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